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Paper Stencils

For those of us who like drawing your apps/ui by hand on paper instead of a on OnmiGraffle, or Microsoft Visio, or LibreOffice Draw. I personally find drawing by drag-drop a chore, I just keep these on a folder on my desk. Available in 4:3 (eg iPads, android devices), 3:2 (iPhone 4S and earlier, many android devices), 16:10 (mostly android tablets), 17:10 (Galaxy Tab 7, Kindle Fire), and 16:9 (iPhone 5 & 6, HDTVs), on US Letter Size; one per-sheet, and four per-sheet.

Also great for sketching unexpected, middle-of-the-night ideas; or for story-boarding.

My favorite software on my Android phone is by Yahoo!

Yes, I said Yahoo! While a great deal of the technical oriented press and buzz tends to revolve around Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft these days, we got not to forget about one of the oldest players on the industry. Yahoo! is extremely popular outside the hardcore tech world. How popular? How does a billion users sound? Continue reading