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“One day a sailor developed a headache,”

I rarely see disease presented in such fashion. What Robin Pierson presents in, “The Walking Dead,” is nothing short of making The Plague a central character of the narrative, if not its protagonist. It is informative, it is narrative, it is dramatic. If I were a teacher, I would point my students to the History of Byzantium, The History of Rome, and to this episode in particular.


The History of Byzantium

The Plague arrives at Pelusium and spreads to Alexandria where it rages for four months. By Spring 542 the Egyptians have to begin sending out the grain fleets. They export the Plague with them and Constantinople endures a nightmare summer of death and dislocation. Out in the provinces there is psychological and spiritual torment too. We then explore where the Plague came from, what it did to the body and how it spread around the Empire.

Period: 541-543

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