BrowserWasher (Project Page) is my first publicly released project. It is a tool intended to remove the little bits of data that are left behind through everyday browsing. It is designed as a simple in-and-out application without much configuration to speak of – just launch it, it does it’s job, and it goes away. It takes care of cookies, caches, history logs, HTML5 web storage & databases, in all installed browsers. It also removes Flash cookies and cleans out Silverlight storage, just for good measure.

Both the source and the binary for BrowserWasher is available through under an MIT-style license.


ReClammer is an AppleScript based application that allows you to get the so-called “ClamShell mode” back on your MacBook/Air/Pro under Lion and Mountain Lion. This project is hosted over at BitBucket and is available under a zlib-style license.

Project Page
Source Page
Download Page


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