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My favorite software on my Android phone is by Yahoo!

Yes, I said Yahoo! While a great deal of the technical oriented press and buzz tends to revolve around Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft these days, we got not to forget about one of the oldest players on the industry. Yahoo! is extremely popular outside the hardcore tech world. How popular? How does a billion users sound? Continue reading

“I love old tech,” or, “I hope this doesn’t make me a hipster”

Maybe because I have a tendency towards being a platonistic‎ romantic idealist, but I really like old computer tech. Continue reading

ReClammer Bug Fix.

A recent issue with ReClammer where the program displays the message, “Can't get button of {<<class bhit>>: "Yes"}.“, when the user attempts to restart has been fixed.

ReClammer is available from BitBucket.

Reclaiming Clamshell Mode Under Lion (and maybe Mountain Lion, too)

Something that I noticed immediately when I moved to Lion was that  my MacBook’s display would no longer remain disabled when I opened the lid after entering clamshell mode. Continue reading