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These posts go over something that was discussed on the Security Now! podcast.

A Week Browsing Virtually

On a recent episode of Security Now (520) Steve Gibson placed forward the idea of using a virtual machine to browse the web securely with minimal worry. This is not new to me — I’ve actually done it for compatibility reasons with Virtual PC and Windows 2000 back when some websites did required specific browsers to function, namely IE and Windows. What’s novel, for me, is to browse on a VM for the sake of privacy and security.
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“Hurray for Bob & Alice” or “Gibson’s Insights into Passcode Length”

Two weeks ago through Security Now! Episode #303, Steve Gibson declared that our current view on passwords is not entirely correct. The most common philosophy is to have a completely random string of characters composed of alphanumeric characters, special symbols, between eight and sixteen characters in length. The downside of such passwords is that as these increase in length and randomness they also increase in difficulty of both memorization and input by the user. He argues that the length of the password is more important than randomness and that with length both ease of input and memorization can be achieved.
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