“Aglow, how ever so dimly in the dark”, or “New Mac Pro, Woo hoo!”

June, 2003 was the last time I was genuinely, honestly, excited about Apple hardware. The hot machine in question was the Power Mac G5. Powered by one or two, IBM PowerPC 970. The video which accompanied it wowed me with it’s description of the hardware’s design, massive data loads, and sleek, sexy design. Steve Job’s presentation is classic Jobs. It was hard not to be excited. The only thing that topped it, in my mind, were the releases of the G4 iMac (which I caught on TechTV) , of the Intel Switch, and the now iconic iPhone introduction.

Funny, when I first saw the leaked image of the case in one the rumor sites I thought it was the ugliest thing I’ve seen; maybe even a hoax.

Things cooled down. The G5 was…I’m not going to say disappointing, but there were some pretty severe blocks, either on Apple’s or IBM’s end of things, but the momentum was lost. The Intel Switch was more scary than exciting at the beginning; and Apple actively didn’t want to change things too much. Maybe the memory of carbonization was still too recent. More than likely Apple’s focus was on the iPod, iTunes, and the yet-to-be-revealed iPhone.

“Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.” With those words, Phil Schiller introduced us to the new Mac Pro. I nicknamed it the Mac Cylinder. That thing, that essence which is so Apple, that thing that makes you feel enamored is there. I’m a desktop guy; while I really appreciate my iPod touch and my Kindle, my roots in computing grow from desktop machines dating all the way to the Apple II. Now after many years, that magic which many thought had gone dark is still aglow. After so long I can say again that I’m genuinely, honestly, excited about Apple hardware.

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2 responses to ““Aglow, how ever so dimly in the dark”, or “New Mac Pro, Woo hoo!”

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  2. I didn’t join Apple-dom until after the Intel switch. I covet the new Mac Pro; I don’t need one (my 2010 iMac still works like a champ) and wouldn’t likely come close to taxing its capabilities, but has inspired a bad case of the ‘Ooooh, shiny’.

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