A Week Browsing Virtually

On a recent episode of Security Now (520) Steve Gibson placed forward the idea of using a virtual machine to browse the web securely with minimal worry. This is not new to me — I’ve actually done it for compatibility reasons with Virtual PC and Windows 2000 back when some websites did required specific browsers to function, namely IE and Windows. What’s novel, for me, is to browse on a VM for the sake of privacy and security.
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Paper Stencils

For those of us who like drawing your apps/ui by hand on paper instead of a on OnmiGraffle, or Microsoft Visio, or LibreOffice Draw. I personally find drawing by drag-drop a chore, I just keep these on a folder on my desk. Available in 4:3 (eg iPads, android devices), 3:2 (iPhone 4S and earlier, many android devices), 16:10 (mostly android tablets), 17:10 (Galaxy Tab 7, Kindle Fire), and 16:9 (iPhone 5 & 6, HDTVs), on US Letter Size; one per-sheet, and four per-sheet.

Also great for sketching unexpected, middle-of-the-night ideas; or for story-boarding.

“I love old tech,” or, “I hope this doesn’t make me a hipster”

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“One day a sailor developed a headache,”

I rarely see disease presented in such fashion. What Robin Pierson presents in, “The Walking Dead,” is nothing short of making The Plague a central character of the narrative, if not its protagonist. It is informative, it is narrative, it is dramatic. If I were a teacher, I would point my students to the History of Byzantium, The History of Rome, and to this episode in particular.


The History of Byzantium

The Plague arrives at Pelusium and spreads to Alexandria where it rages for four months. By Spring 542 the Egyptians have to begin sending out the grain fleets. They export the Plague with them and Constantinople endures a nightmare summer of death and dislocation. Out in the provinces there is psychological and spiritual torment too. We then explore where the Plague came from, what it did to the body and how it spread around the Empire.

Period: 541-543

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“Aglow, how ever so dimly in the dark”, or “New Mac Pro, Woo hoo!”

June, 2003 was the last time I was genuinely, honestly, excited about Apple hardware. The hot machine in question was the Power Mac G5. Powered by one or two, IBM PowerPC 970. The video which accompanied it wowed me with it’s description of the hardware’s design, massive data loads, and sleek, sexy design. Steve Job’s presentation is classic Jobs. It was hard not to be excited. The only thing that topped it, in my mind, were the releases of the G4 iMac (which I caught on TechTV) , of the Intel Switch, and the now iconic iPhone introduction.
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ReClammer Bug Fix.

A recent issue with ReClammer where the program displays the message, “Can't get button of {<<class bhit>>: "Yes"}.“, when the user attempts to restart has been fixed.

ReClammer is available from BitBucket.

Reclaiming Clamshell Mode Under Lion (and maybe Mountain Lion, too)

Something that I noticed immediately when I moved to Lion was that  my MacBook’s display would no longer remain disabled when I opened the lid after entering clamshell mode. Continue reading